02 June 2009

The Thought

I had a thought one day. Maybe not a particularly good thought, but a thought just the same.

What if I, that is to say little ol' me, could find a cure for stupid? A cure-all for the human condition? I could rule the world. I would be hailed as the next Jesus Christ. No more wars or starving or dying of disease. No more dumping stuff where it doesn't belong.

The Horsemen would be my hoes, and I their pimp. Yo Death! Get me my mothafuckin' money! 'Ey Pestil-ennce! Do I gotta slap a ho? C'mon bitches we got a planet to hustle!

In that moment I quickly came to the realization that there was a cure for stupid. Money was the cure for everything. You can get anyone to do anything anytime for the right price. Behavior was always negotiable depending on the number of zeros involved.

Then I got bored with that line of reasoning since I had no money. I began to think about the uselessness of flowers then...

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