Death to the Brothers Grimm
202 pp; Omnium Gatherum Media (Sept. 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0615692760

Paperback: $12.99 USD; Kindle: $3.99 USD

Fairy tales have been passed down in one form or another for countless generations. They are often our first introduction to that boundless realm we call imagination. Deep within these old stories lie the seeds of our most elemental fears. Death to the Brothers Grimm is a collection of ten re-imagined fairy tales that revels in those dark and hidden horrors. This anthology features works of bizarre fantasy from Bram Stoker Award nominees Jeremy C. Shipp and John Edward Lawson, Wonderland Award nominee Eckhard Gerdes, and the twisted visions of M.L. Roos, Garrett Cook, Kirk Jones, Crysa Leflar, Jessica McHugh, Lee Widener, and Jess Gulbranson.

The Dream People

Issue 36 (Fall/Winter 2011)
Airplane Novel by Paul A. Toth (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2011)
Gardens of Earthly Delight by George Williams (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2011)
Losing the Light by Brian Cartwright (Atlatl Press, 2011)
Smithereens by Steve Aylett (Scar Garden Press, 2010)
The Complete Accomplice by Steve Aylett (Scar Garden Press, 2010)

Issue 35 (Spring/Summer 2011)
Interview with George Williams (Gardens of Earthly Delight)