17 July 2016

Have to Do All the Things...

I was up and about late Saturday morning... If I were still in the Eastern Time Zone. Locally it was relatively early, about 6:30am. Grabbed some water, sat on the balcony, medicated, and punched out yesterday's entry.

It was quite the adventure yesterday. We had a late breakfast at Serious Biscuit, a beautiful restaurant nearby. The sticker shock was a bit jarring. $11 for just one biscuit? I could get a steak, egg, and cheese combo with a large tea for half that back home. But it was so delicious. Piled high with ham, egg, and cheese along with some greens and apple mustard. Not what you would typically find in the South, but it was a tasty way to find out old dishes could have new tricks.

Eating complete, it was off to the EMP museum for us. It's an incredible collection of pop culture, featuring galleries devoted to science fiction, fantasy, music, and art. The highlight was easily the Star Trek exhibit: interactive displays, original props and filming models, even a fun little thing where you and a few others get pseudo-green screened and act out a campy little scene which displayed on a tv in front of you. Oh, and You can crawl through a Jeffries tube:

Totally not special effects.

After touring the galleries, we left the museum and walked around Seattle Center for a bit. Huge food festival going on this weekend, but we didn't try anything except some funnel cake because the lines were insanely long. We eventually wound our way back to the car, drove around for a bit, and then I was introduced to this guy:

Yeah, I take horrible selfies...

So, for all my Shadowrun jokes it turns out there is at least one troll in Seattle. Speaking of games, after a quick stop at ye olde liquor store we made our way to the Ballard neighborhood and Cafe Mox for a late lunch/early dinner. This was a really cool place where you could get something to eat AND borrow a game to play from the attached gaming store next door. We ended up playing original "Ticket to Ride" and while I completed two out of three route, I still came in last. Most fun I've had losing in a while.

We walked for a bit through Ballard, my friends playing Pokemon Go as we went. Browsed an actual music store (a dying concept back east) and sampled some gourmet popcorn at KuKuRuZa. Ended up taking home a mixed bag of Sriracha and Salted Caramel because the flavors worked so well together.

Back to base for naps. I was still wide awake though, and started into one of the books I brought with me: Forrest Aguirre's "Heraclix & Pomp." Once the sun went down we fired up their projector and watched the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage," inspired by our meandering a through all things Trek at the EMP museum.

Six hours of sleep and two hours of writing brings us to a new day, hopefully filled with more adventure.

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