01 January 2011

The Sleeper Shall Awaken...

I started this blog almost two and a half years ago. I realize only a few friends, if anyone, pay any attention to it. But no posts in all of 2010? What a waste. With this in mind, on this first day of two-thousand and eleven, I choose to post my resolutions for the new year.

I have several to list; the idea is that if I have a lot of resolutions then in theory I should be able to successfully accomplish at least one (if not more) of them.

1. I shall endeavor to post something to Facebook and Twitter every day. I know the minutiae of my life is rather insignificant, but at least some of you out there may feed on it. Or not.

2. I shall post something to Fuzzy Theologic at least once weekly. It may be a carefully considered editorial on some issue I find amusing, or perhaps a selection from one of my fictional works. Or I may just rant incoherently.

3. I shall enroll in college once more. I have sat upon fifty percent of an English degree for almost ten years now. As I am starting to go gray I feel that I should quit wasting what little time I have remaining. No, I'm not dying of a dread disease. "Little time" is in reference to the grand cosmic scheme of things.

4. I shall wake up at 06:30 every morning and use every moment in pursuit of something other than sleep.

5. I shall quit all of my many vices. Most likely this will involve trading some for others, but hopefully healthier ones. Company insurance sucks too much to trust my life to.

6. I will get some piece of my work published. I don't care how big it is, or how big the publisher is. I don't even care if I get paid. I just want to move on from my self-styled status of "writer" and into the realm of "author".

7. I will remember to wish everyone I know a happy birthday, on their birthday, when they make it known. Whether it is Facebook reminding me, or somebody close whom I should remember anyway.

8. I will do my best to remind my family that I love them every day. I am generally a very reserved individual, and as such do not require reminders or praise. Conversely I do not offer such reminders and praise regularly. I must remember that my psychological state is not shared by everyone around me.

9. I will do more writing. Not just as a National Novel Writing Month participant, but as a serious writer. Even if it is only a couple hundred words each day.

10. I will read one new book each week, and listen to one new album. I am always open to suggestions.

11. I will do more to support the Bizarro fiction genre. I have been very lax this year in my book purchases. I can take the easy way out and say it was money related, and to a point it was, but I think I could have fought a little harder for twenty to thirty dollars every month. As part of this resolution I will also retroactively review any Bizarro book that I have read and post these musings on Goodreads, Amazon, and anywhere else I can to get the word out.

12. I will strive to constantly remind myself that much to my chagrin, I am only human. Though I will indulge in god-complex thoughts every now and then. One must keep their ego fed and healthy, after all.

So there it is, friends. Three hundred and sixty five (six? not sure.) days to better myself, and perhaps better those around me through these goals. Being a cynical bastard, I can't help but acknowledge that there will be failure on my part; but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Until next week, I bid you all good night and a happy and prosperous new year.

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Anonymous said...

Your goals are lofty in quality and number. Good luck. I think it would be amazing if you worked on all of those but with less frequency. There are so few hours in a day! I have not set a single official goal, but you've inspired me. I will attempt to read and do yoga every day, each for fifteen minutes or more. I will start writing twice a month, noting it in my calendar. (When I write it tends to be in marathon sessions.)

Best of luck--Leanna

P.S. Ever heard of Holy Ghost Tent Revival? I think that's their name. They were on NPR yesterday, and they actually sounded original...and good.