11 July 2011

Achievment Unlocked

We live in an age where everything has to have a list of achievements attached to it. Why shouldn't Bizarro fiction? Thanks to Stevie for pointing me in the direction of the Achievement Generator!


Bradley Sands said...

What do I have to do with sausage parties? I've never had one, even for my birthday. And I don't like sausage in egg sandwiches. I prefer either bacon or just cheese.

The Pueschel said...

Just bringing up an old joke whose sentiment I don't agree with, but made for a good antho anyway.

NR said...

Hi! Just to let you know that I never heard of LegumeMan before, but now I'm buying a book from them, thanks to you and this post. (and I will probably buy more in time, I'm still getting acquainted with Bizarro) (and I'm also buying 'Death to the Brothers Grimm' because... Why not? And it's almost your birthday again.).
BTW, where's "History of Bizarro Part TWO"?
And I hope 'heart|STRINGS' sees the light of day, because I got curious.

Best regards from Brazil!