25 November 2012

My Birthday Wish

Greetings Everyone!

In roughly a week and a half I turn 32. Now rather than spend the next several lines of text listing every last bit of the expensive things I would love to have I'd instead like to make a plea.

As you may know the anthology I conceived and brought together, Death to the Brothers Grimm, was released into the world by Omnium Gatherum Media a few weeks back. Inside its beautiful glossy cover are ten interpretations of classic fairy tales penned by some of the most talented authors I know.

It is for them that I am making this birthday wish:

I would like for you to buy a copy of Death to the Brothers Grimm.

Now before you go making the assumption that this is less altruistic than it would appear, allow me to explain. While I can not go into the details of my contract with my publisher concerning what I will receive, I will take a major risk of breach of contract by saying that the contributors get paid first.

Those ten authors put their faith in me and entrusted their work to my scrutiny. Some made some serious artistic compromises as part of being included in this volume. All extended a professional respect to me, a relative unknown, and as such I want them to be compensated in a way that my sincere (but to me inadequate) words of thanks can not begin to cover.

Some of you may be friends or family who don't have the same appreciation for speculative, strange, or weird fiction that I do. I understand completely. You don't need to read the book if you don't want to. Gift it to a person you think will enjoy it. (Though I will say there is a little something for everyone: horror, post-apocalyptic scenarios, alternative perceptions, light humor, morality plays, peanuts bent on world domination.)

So please share this blog post through your social media circles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday wish come true by supporting some incredible writing talent!

Death to the Brothers Grimm is available on Amazon.com in both perfect-bound trade paperback (US $13.99) and Kindle digital (US $3.99) editions.

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