11 January 2015

Week the second...

Nothing new to report. My boss wants to pull me out of the normal ninety day rotation we do an put me on permanent Monday-Friday duty. So that's cool. Might give me a chance to do some day trips for other Raw Dog Screaming Press events this year without cutting into my vacation hours.

Still no romantic prospects. It's equal parts too-high standards, inability to use dating sites effectively, and lack of time to do anything about it.

I certainly don't expect perfection. I'm an imperfect person. But damn it, she should be beautiful (to me,) interested in some of the things I enjoy but also possessed of her own unique interests. Have just as sick and twisted a sense of humor as I do, and love and freely use all the worst words in the English language. (Except one; the n-bomb. It has no place outside of historical pieces and academic discussions of the pre-, during, and post- American Civil War era.) She should be confident and comfortable with herself, willing to be the aggressor every now and then.

This is really the short list. Above all these things she must read.

This is a short rambling. I'm trying to write more. I really am.

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